What Should I Do About My Wrinkles?

What Should I Do About My Wrinkles?

The fact remains that wrinkles is part of aging and you can’t do anything to prevent it. However, you can do something to delay its development like living an active and healthy lifestyle, avoiding factors that could harm your skin, and live a stress-free life. In addition to that, science has also developed ways on how to remove or reduce the appearance of these age lines. This article will guide you how to manage your wrinkle problems.

#1 Assess how you feel about it

Some people readily accept the appearance of these lines. However, some people would want to have it removed because it makes them look older than their age. If you feel that the appearance of wrinkles lowers your self-esteem and makes you feel less of a person, then you might be a good candidate for a procedure that removes wrinkles.

#2 Shop around

If you finally decided that you want to have your wrinkles removed, do your research and look for the best cosmetic doctor in your area who could do the procedure on you. You may check the internet, get recommendations from family and friends, or get endorsements from trusted health professionals. Consider at least three options so you can pick the best from the lot.

#3 Set for an appointment

If you found the perfect doctor for you, call and schedule an appointment with him/her. Expect that s/he will be asking several questions from you including past medical history, allergies, expectations, and many more. Also, your doctor will assess the area that you want to be treated as well as the integrity of your skin. S/he would ask you what procedure you wanted to avail and check if you qualify for the said procedure. If not, s/he may provide you with other options and give suggestions on what procedure could work best for your condition.

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This is the best time for you to ask questions and clarify things that seems unclear to you. Furthermore, make sure that you fully understood the risks and benefits of your chosen procedure as well as the financial aspect of it.

If all things are clear between you and your doctor, s/he will schedule you for the procedure or have it done right away for non-surgical procedures that do not require special preparations. On the other hand, your doctor could give you a list of special instructions that you should follow before a surgical wrinkle removal.

#4 On the day of the procedure

Make sure that you are physically, emotionally, and psychologically prepared. Have an ample amount of sleep on the night before the procedure, take lots of fluids, remove make-up, wear comfortable clothing, and come on time. Relax and let your doctor do his job.

#5 After the procedure

In most wrinkle removal procedures, surgical and non-surgical, you would often see visible results immediately. Also, you can go home right after the procedure unless complication arises. Take your doctor’s post-procedure orders as well as the prescriptions that are mostly pain-relievers and antibiotics.