Two Cures For Sagging Breasts

Two Cures For Sagging Breasts

Aging takes its toll on every woman’s breasts. It’s a hard truth that all women must learn to cope with. As women age, their breasts will begin to sag and droop. Other than getting older, childbirth and extreme weight loss can also lead to sagging and drooping breasts.

The loss of youth is unsettling to everyone, most particularly women. In a world where beauty and health matter, every woman has the clock working against her. Fortunately, there are modern solutions to sagging and drooping breasts. This article will discuss two of those options.

Believe it or not, any woman with unshapely breasts can solve her problem in a matter of a few hours. Considering, of course, that her breasts aren’t enormous and also sagging, in which case she might need a breast reduction procedure. The quick solution is to purchase an underwire garment or support bra. These devices can lift and reshape your breasts to a suppler, youthful appearance. The results are instantaneous – put on the support bra and your breasts appear much more youthful! The breast “lift and support” industry is actually quite large, indicating this is a common problem that women from all over the world must resolve at one point or another in their life.

Despite the quick and easy (and often inexpensive) solution mentioned above, it has one serious drawback. Can you guess what that drawback is? It’s a pretty big one: the moment you move the undergarment support device, your breasts are back to their same old droopy selves! While these devices are great for an immediate solution, the fact that they don’t offer a permanent solution makes them less than an ideal choice for your needs.

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There is only one permanent solution for drooping and sagging breasts, and it’s called a breast lift surgery. This procedure has advanced considerably over the years. Many women undergo this procedure every year. In fact, if you have some girl friends who are in their late 30’s and beyond, there’s a strong chance one of them has already had the procedure!

A breast lift is a permanent solution for aging breasts. It will permanently lift them to a higher position on the chest, and will add volume and shape to them. If you desire larger breasts as well as shapelier breasts, you might want to consider a breast augmentation and breast lift surgery combo.

Your procedure will be performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon who is a certified specialist when it comes to breast lifts. You should choose a surgeon who has extensive experience in the procedure. He or she should have an entire book filled with before-and-after photographs for you to review before you make your final decision on which surgeon will do the job.

The procedure itself involves excising fat and excess skin tissue from each breast. Your surgeon may also relocate the areola, depending on your situation. When it’s all over, you will have a new set of plump, full breasts that sit higher on your chest. They will mimic the look and feel of youthful breasts.

If you’re considering a breast lift, you will need to speak with a licensed, board-certified plastic surgeon, preferably one that is local to your area. If you find it difficult to find a quality plastic surgeon who can do the job, ask your friends and family for recommendations. Or, you could even ask your family physician – he or she may very well know someone who is an exceptional surgeon.

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The only way to get the most current information regarding breast lift surgeries is to speak to a licensed physician. Don’t rely solely on information from the internet because it could be outdated.