The U.K. Program That Is Helping Clients Move Beyond Addiction

Hundreds of rehab centers have sprung up in the U.K. in response to a nationwide addiction crisis. Many programs are designed to detox clients and then send them back into the population. Some provide referrals to long-term facilities that are often very expensive. With these issues in mind, a group of professionals began the ARC rehab program. It is succeeding where other plans fail by addressing the root causes of addiction. Caring staff helps clients with detox and guides them through treatments based on the science of the brain. Recovering addicts learn how to rebuild their lives.

Clients Are Offered Gentle Detox

Addicts must detox before they can recover, but going through this important step can be terrifying. Traditional detox ranges from “cold turkey” withdrawal with no help to the administration of heavy medications. Both of these options can be terrifying enough to prevent addicts from getting needed help. However, effective programs offer gentle detox geared to each client’s needs. They receive carefully controlled medication and participate in helpful activities that occupy their minds. If they feel unwell, they can rest and resume their routines later.

Compassionate Staff Members Understand Addiction

Successful rehab also revolves around counselors who can relate to the problems associated with addiction. Each staff member who works with clients is a recovering addict who has rebuilt their own life. All of them are also rehab professionals. They are chosen for their professional skill and ability to relate to recovering addicts with warmth and compassion. Counselors and support staff guide clients through group and individual counseling and dozens of activities. Science-backed programs help addicts rewire their thinking. They exchange destructive thought patterns for life-affirming goal setting.

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Success Rates Are Impressive

A rehab program based on science has much better success rates than the average facility. While most facilities gauge success by the number of patients who complete treatments, advanced programs look at long-term recovery rates. Staff evaluates how many clients are still drug- or alcohol-free years after they complete treatment. Their better-than-average success rates also reflect the improved quality of life that recovering addicts are living.

Many U.K. citizens have overcome addiction with the help of unique, science-based programs. Clients receive compassionate treatment in facilities where they are offered gentle detox and programs that help them rebuild their lives.