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Nutrition Tips in The Light of New Researches

A healthy nutrition is imperative for a sound mind and active body. Many people especially youngsters blindly follow whatever they watch in glamorous TV ads and magazines. Most of the times there is fake information told that impair or adversely affect bodily functions instead of going towards improvement. Given here are some important tips that are to be considered seriously.
Recent studies reveal pomegranate keeps prostate cancer from progressing further; improves flow of blood in patients with cardiac ailments and prevents arteries from becoming hard. The fruit has antioxidant tannin, anthocyanin and polyphenol that make it a perfect choice for heart patients. Its seeds that are really delicious can be mixed with yogurt or in green salad to make it more toothsome as well as nutritious.
The purple family
A recent research has shown that purple foods such as grapes, eggplant and berries etc. help decrease the risk of metabolic syndrome-a condition in which the patient has the risk of multiple illnesses simultaneously, such as Type II diabetes, stroke and heart disease. To get the maximum benefits out of the fruit, it’s recommended to have it in 100 % pure form instead of taking grapes blend. Concord grape juice is highly nourishing.
Considered just an important ingredient of garlic bread, curries, sauces and salad dressings; garlic now has been given a higher rank among foods for its immense benefits to heart patients. It lowers cholesterol and triglycerides. It also prevents thrombosis, a disease in which plaques are formed in blood. High blood pressure can be lowered to normal with garlic extract.
Liquid vitamin supplements
There is so much hype about liquid vitamins taken as supplements. These are best for those who are unable to tolerate or ingest vitamin pills. As compared to normal supplements that are 10 -20 % absorbed in the blood, liquid vitamins are easily absorbed 60 -70% which is a good news to all those out there not happy by spending a hefty amount on pills and not getting desired results. These liquid supplements also increase energy without stimulants.
The only disadvantage is that about 50% of the liquid vitamin supplements are destroyed in the stomach owing to absence of protective layer around. An important thing is to do regular physical exercise while taking multivitamins to assist them work more efficiently.
Green tea
Latest research has revealed it’s a healthy and harmless way to reduce weight. To all obese persons, say goodbye to fattening drinks, shakes, coffee and black tea. Include green tea in regular diet that comes with zero side-effects.
Dark chocolate
A heavenly dessert now awarded to have been containing medical properties. A rich source of antioxidants, dark chocolate or cocoa powder is beneficial for health as opposed to past beliefs that it’s a junk food. The myth is gone now; so take moderate amount of dark chocolate or cocoa. Combine with berries, oranges, nuts, grains, milk or any sumptuous accompaniment that satisfies your taste buds. However, try to avoid milk chocolate that is relatively unhealthy.
The best practice is to have a diet plan from an expert certified dietitian. Don’t forget to update based on new findings. Stay away from old myths and rumors.…