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A Garlic a Day

Where an apple a day keeps the doctor away, Garlic will surely keep everyone at bay. The stinky herb which has acquired a mixed reputation due to its strong & pungent flavors and the various health benefits associated with it.

For many it’s a wonder food while for others Garlic does not exist! My grandmother has never touched a garlic pod in her life due to ethical reasons. But my father, a doctor by profession always made sure that garlic is an integral part of cooking at our home.

Yes the staunch aroma and pungent taste is good enough to deter many health enthusiastic from trying out this super food. But the medicinal benefits attached to the humble herb are a perfect reward to your health.

Health Benefits;

Allicin, the most important chemical present in Garlic has proved to be beneficial for curing many ailments.

Garlic is supposed to be anti-carcinogenic and has antiseptic properties.

The wonder food is an excellent remedy for blood pressure and many heart related ailments.

Good for common cold.

Garlic strengthens immune system.

Rich source of selenium and is helpful in reducing the fat cells in our body.

Other minerals present in garlic are, manganese, calcium, potassium, copper, sulphur, thiamin and vitamin C.

Prudent way to include Garlic in diet;

Allicin, the important chemical present in it is released only when the garlic is crushed and used for cooking.

To improve health benefits from garlic make sure to peel it and crush the pearls before adding it to the meals.

The best way to get the most from the garlic is to eat it the natural way! It is Yuk, but sure will do more good to your health than you could ever imagine.

You could try the garlic pearls in the form of capsules available in many medical stores, if you dislike the smell of it.

A good option is to roast the garlic pods in an oven and eat it.

Try frying the garlic pearls in a little ghee and sprinkle salt and white pepper to it.

Add garlic paste to all the Curries and veggie preparations.

Garlic in soups adds up the health benefits.

Indian bread or chapattis made with mint and crushed garlic is a delight.

Garlic bread is a delicacy which, I am sure many will like to devour.…