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Vemma Opportunity Review – Vemma Verve Will it Crush Monavie EMV?

Vemma Verve is a unique name owned and created by a very well respected Nutritional company called New Vision. New vision is based out of sunny Scottsdale, AZ where they operate out of a 20,000 sqft building and have generated over $1 billion in sales.
There are so many companies around the health and nutrition industry, I mean the top 11 billion dollar yearly producing companies all of them but 1 have a nutritional product of some type.
So what will distinguish Vemma from the rest of the herd? Lets begin by reviewing some of the fundamentals of a network marketing business and comparing to the ones who have succeeded.
1. The corporate site of vemma is very well based and laid have taken the passion and energy to really build a brand for themselves. Many marketers under estimate corporate website but take this analogy:
You have two websites to buy from, there is website A that is flashy, lots of information and professionally laid out, and then we have website B that is taking forever to load, the images are all over the place they have no flow. On which two of the sites will people spend their time on? Exactly website A, because as humans we are attracted to flash and colors, and reading testimonials.
2. Corporate leadership, veema seems to have a well crafted corporate team that has produced serious results in the past through the vehicle of network marketing. This is a critical factor in your success, I have met so many network marketers that just get burned and abused when joining a company and then it goes corporate, or its sold and re-branded. If you have true network marketing corporate leaders, preferably experience distributors you have a great setup.
A key element that I picked up when doing a review was that I noticed Vemma, did not have a very strong online presence. Now there are a few websites out their, but they don’t have a system that you can leverage through the internet, generate a leads daily to share the product with and then replicate.
Replicating a corporate or distributor website online is a major mistake. Its okay to have it on your business cards for your local team and people you come across, but on the web you need a personal blog or a MLM lead system that can drive hundreds of people into your organization very quickly.…