See Real Change Before and After Penis Enlargement

See Real Change Before and After Penis Enlargement

In the locker room there are many men who are comfortable to strip naked while changing or taking a shower. They have no inhibitions because they know that they are all guys in there and they have the same thing hanging in between their legs anyway. But there are some men who somehow feel uneasy to do this. They go to the last or corner shower stall where they will not be seen much. They also cover themselves up with a towel when they change. Why do you think there are men like these? Are they just conservative or prudish? There is a big chance that these men act this way because they have a small dick. They do not want others to find out about their secret because they know they will be ridiculed. If you are one of these guys, here are some tips that can help you make your tool longer. If you follow these tips you will really be able to compare the size of your penis before and after penis enlargement.

First is penis enlargement surgery. It is one of the surest ways to increase the size of your member. If you go to a good doctor you will really see a big improvement in your size. Even your partner will be surprised at how ‘big’ you have become after the surgery. One downside to penis enlargement surgery is that it is very expensive. And like other surgical procedures, there are also risks involved. Some say that you can have a deformed penis. Others say you may lose sensation in your dick. What good would be a long penis if you cannot feel anything down there? If you want to minimize these risks make sure that you go to a doctor who has a good record.

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Another technique which will give marked improvement before and after penis enlargement is through the use of penis enhancement pills. Unlike surgery this technique is not very expensive. People who support the use of pills also say that these pills do not have side effects because they are made of natural ingredients.

Another option is the age old technique called hanging. In this method you have to attach a hanging device, usually rope, in your penis. You then hang varying weights through the rope. The idea is that as the tissues are stretched spaces are created for new cells to grow. However, extreme caution is needed because the tissues in your penis are very sensitive. If you are not careful, you might do a lot of damage to your thing.

There are also exercises that you can perform to add inches to your dick. These exercises like jelqing have been used by many already and they attest that you will really see differences in size before and after the program. What is good about exercise is that it will not cost you anything. It is also safe because you do not drink or use anything foreign.

Do any of these tips to lengthen your penis. The next time you hit the showers you can confidently stay in the first stall where everybody else can see you and envy you for the size of your tool.