Penis Enlargement Surgery – Discover the Shocking Truth About Penis Surgery Before Taking This Risk

Penis Enlargement Surgery – Discover the Shocking Truth About Penis Surgery Before Taking This Risk

Are you considering taking the drastic measure of penis enlargement surgery? Well, before you go see a surgeon, you have to educate yourself about the procedure. Because the fact is, over 70% of men that decide to have penis surgery are not happy with the results.

First, you’re not alone with feeling that your erections are too small. Millions of men feel this way. And in most cases, they’re right. To make a woman have the most intense type of orgasm, you need to have an erection that’s over 7 inches long.

But, there are many ways to make your erections larger. For now, let’s look at what you can expect from surgery.

Penis Enlargement Surgery – Increasing Length

The first surgical procedure will add some length to your penis. It involves opening your penis and snipping a ligament that’s attached to your pelvic bone.

When this penis ligament is cut, your penis will drop about an inch. But, this is in the non erect state. It may be nice to look a little bigger but what you really want is a longer erection. This procedure may or may not make your erection longer. Gaining half an inch is the most common result.

Penis Enlargement Surgery – Increasing Girth

To make your penis thicker, the surgeon will inject fat into your penis that was taken somewhere from your body. The problem with this is it makes your erection feel softer.

In some cases the fat deposits in your penis get absorbed back into your body so you end up losing the girth you gained. And, you may have only partial re-absorption making your erection looking bumpy. It’s not a pretty sight.

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After surgery, you can experience scarring, chronic pain, erection deformation, and even impotence. Instead of taking this risky path to penis enhancement, you can do daily penis exercises that will make your erections larger than surgery or any other method

Do yourself a favor and forget about penis enlargement surgery. It could be one of the worse decisions of your life.