Penile Enlargement Surgery: Is Surgical Penile Enhancement Really Worth the Risk?

Penile Enlargement Surgery: Is Surgical Penile Enhancement Really Worth the Risk?

A bigger penis…. Which guy doesn’t want to extend the length and girth of his penis?

Men have been obsessed with their penis size since the beginning of time, so it seems, and for all the years that the obsession has endured, there have been no shortages of methods available to increase one’s penis size. Surgery is one popular method… But, is going under the knife really worth the trouble?

In exchange for a few extra inches, consider what’s at stake:

Nerve Damage & Decreased Sensation

The genitals are an area of the body that have an overwhelming amount of nerves and this is because genital tissue is excitable. Such an anatomy is what helps to create a desirable and satisfying sexual experience. With surgery, you risk losing sensation.

Lowered Erection

Normally, erections curve upwards (or, at least have somewhat of a tendency to veer upwards). This is due to the ligaments that connect to the base of the pubic bone. This natural structure of the penis assists to produce a more desirable erection; one that can better-satisfy a women during sex.


Anything that impedes blood flow into the penis will result in an inability to achieve an erection. An invasive procedure like penile enlargement surgery can have this undesirable side effect.

Scarring & Gangrene

A risk of any surgery, this risk could be pronounced with penile surgery due to the sensitive nature of the area. Gangrene is the death and loss of tissue, in this case, your penis!

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Risk of Stroke or Heart Attack

The thickening procedure requires the transfer of fat into the penis. This poses two problems. To obtain the fat, liposuction is required and this can lead to an embolism in the heart and/or the brain, leading to a heart attack and/or stroke, respectively. Moreover, the penis is not anatomically designed to contain fat inside it. As such, the presence of fat can impede blood flow, which in turn can interfere with the achievement of an erection. By nature, erections (specifically, ‘hardness’) and thickness are achieved through adequate blood flow into the penile tissue, not via the addition of fat tissue into the penis.


The thickening procedure can result in your penis becoming deformed (lumpy or lopsided).

In light of the above risks, one must question whether penile enhancement surgery is really worth the risk. Even if the surgery is a success, the act of adding fatty tissue into your penis runs counter to how your penis should naturally exist.

It is a wise choice to consider alternatives to penile enlargement surgery. Scientific studies have been done that lend credibility to natural penile enhancement methods.