Nutrition for Surgery Recovery

Nutrition for Surgery Recovery

The pain was from the bread, not my head

A few months ago, I had dental surgery with little discomfort or bleeding. Prior to and after the surgery, I had been taking 3 grams of Vitamin C and 1.2 grams of Argenine to speed the healing. It seemed to have worked. I did not use any of the prescribed codeine recommended by the dentist.

Years ago I had read how researcher Sandy Shaw had sped the healing of a ski injury by taking massive amounts of vitamin C. That, and the amino acid argenine. It is a given that vitamin C is a “cellular cement” and boost the immune system. The lesser known nutrient, argenine is a growth hormone releaser, which speeds the body’s ability to rebuild itself after exercise and injury. Also, it too boosts the immune system.

I had previously used argenine for muscle building. Since, I was not sleeping much during that time, I did not recognize any muscle growth. However, I noticed that I healed very quickly from minor cuts and scrapes.

Now, I was feeling a bit apprehensive about my upcoming dental surgery, so I thought that I would try the large dosages of vitamin C and argenine. I spent a week building up the dose from about 250 mg to 3 grams of vitamin C and 500 mg. of argenine to 1.2 grams of the amino acid.

A couple of weeks later, I underwent some further surgery, with smaller dosages of Vitamin C and Argenine. I had little discomfort until a couple of days afterward. For four days, I was in enough discomfort and pain to take the codeine to help me sleep. My wife thought that the pain was “in my head,” from thinking about the surgery too much.

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What the difference between the fast healing after surgery and discomfort after surgery, was that I had been eating wheat products two or three hours before the operated area of my gums started throbbing. One day it was free muffins and croissants at a seminar. A few hours later the pain started. Another day it was a processed chicken and cheese sandwich at a friend’s place. Then two hours later, I also felt pain in my jaw.

Call it coincidence or “all in my head,” if you will. But, when I increased my intake of Vitamin C and Argenine and kept clear of wheat products, the pain went away. It might be worth a try the next time that you undergo surgery.