Mineral Intake After Lap-Band Surgery

Mineral Intake After Lap-Band Surgery


Adequate daily intake of minerals is just as important as vitamins.

Sodium and potassium are taken as a part of your food and fluid intake and we have no expectation that you need any extra of these unless you have severe vomiting. Always report severe or ongoing vomiting. It is not normal after band placement. If it is happening, something is wrong. The band may be too tight, there may be a slip or prolapsed, or you may be eating wrongly. It is essential that it be corrected.

Calcium is important for growth and maintenance of healthy bones. Good sources include dairy products, fish, tofu and nuts. We have measured the bone density of people who have had the Lap-band over several years and have not been able to show any suggestion of osteoporosis developing. Nevertheless, we recommend you select a vitamin/mineral supplement containing calcium as a further guarantee.

Iron can be low, especially in menstruating women. With a low intake of iron expected on a typical post-band volume of food and little red meat, we need to watch the iron levels closely and provide supplemental iron as necessary. Good follow-up and an annual blood check should be sufficient to guard against developing iron-deficiency anemia. Good food sources of iron include red meat, breakfast cereals with added iron, spinach, beans and chicken.

There is not normally a need for supplements of magnesium, phosphorus, zinc or the trace minerals.

Vitamin/mineral preparations come in different forms and you should try a range to find the one that suits you best. We would like you to take one per day but you will not comply with this if the preparation is unpleasant. Generally, the tablets are large and some people have trouble swallowing them or getting them through the area of the band. You can find it easier to buy dissolvable, liquid spray forms.

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Berocca Performance is a good example of an ideal vitamin/mineral preparation for patients with the LAP-BAND. It was originally made by Roche Pharmaceuticals but now is made by Bayer under the Roche label. Both are highly reputable pharmaceutical manufacturers. Berocca Performance contains all nine-water soluble vitamins in adequate amounts, has added calcium, magnesium and zinc, and comes as a effervescent tablet that dissolves to a pleasant-tasting orange drink. One a day is easy to take and covers all of your needs well.