Lasik Eye Surgery Options

Lasik Eye Surgery Options

Are you wearing contact lenses or glasses yet you find it a bit inconvenient? Well, here are some Lasik eye surgery options that will surely give you a 20/20 vision like what normal eyes will have!

Lasik’s primary goal is reducing or eliminating some of the common refractive errors such as farsightedness, nearsightedness as well as astigmatism which will also lessen the need on relying on those contacts and glasses.

The correction using Lasik vision has gained higher rate of satisfaction from patients as compared to other elective surgeries as revealed by scientific studies survey that was conducted for 10 years all over the world. Lasik is definitely one of the newest technological advances that have delivered much better results than expected.

With Lasik, more and more patients are enjoying a 20/20 vision or even much better, something that is definitely functional and useful at the same time.

Lasik Options Made Available for You

At present, there are already three primary Lasik options where you will be choosing what fits your eyes.

• Conventional Lasik – this is something that will correct your eyes’ vision depending on the prescription that you have for your glasses or contacts. Your correction of vision level will be identified through the typical vision test: “Which is better, this or that?” The refractive error types that it can correct include astigmatism, farsightedness and nearsightedness.

• Wavefront-guided Lasik – also known as custom Lasik sometimes, this certain option among the different Lasik options is creating a customized map of the current aberrations that are of higher order in order to correct the refractive error and more subtle eyes problems. In some instances, existing aberrations of high order are already severe that a special treatment is already needed.

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• Wavefront-optimized Lasik – a newer Lasik options technology correcting refractive errors and at the same time, accounting for the eyes’ natural curvature and each eye’s unique characteristics. Since among the Lasik options this one is following the eye’s shape more closely, there are lesser risks that subtle problems in the vision will be induced, known as high order aberrations, as compared to conventional Lasik. These aberrations might already include slight blurring; visual contrast that is less clear as well as halos, starbursts and mild glare surrounding lights at nighttime.

When choosing the Lasik options that best suit you, you should always consult with your eye doctor who will be able to give you the answer that you need. But rest assured that all these Lasik options are effective, safe and with high rates of satisfaction. These Lasik options will definitely give you back your eyes that have 20/20 vision in due time, faster than any of those elective surgeries.