How Long Will I Be Out of Work From Lap Band Surgery and What Should I Do at That Moment?

How Long Will I Be Out of Work From Lap Band Surgery and What Should I Do at That Moment?

Obesity is a serious critical society issues which has dominated the US society in an alarming rate lately. Lap band surgery has become one of the most popular methods for weight reduction recently. The number of private clinics and medical centers offering for lap band treatments and surgery has increased significantly.

After the surgery, some people can be return to work in 2-3 days time, but not to return to their daily activities especially those which require a lot of physical strength and energy. On the safer end, most of these people chose to be returning to work only 7 -10 days after their lap band surgery. Although each individual may have their own rate of recovery, an average of 7-10 days is more than enough to get the average patients to be returning to their work place.

During the recovering phases, patients are highly recommended to adhere to some of these action items as defined below;

– Concentrate on your fluid and liquid intake. Try to consume water consistently throughout the day.

– Walk and sit as much as you are able to, with a good pain control from within

– Change your dietary habits immediately for something which is healthier and safer. The highly recommended diet should be low in fat, low in sodium, low in carbohydrate.

– Promote the necessary consumption of protein into your new diet to facilitate the recovery of your body after the surgery, protein also helps you to sustain your muscle tissues especially when you have started with your new diet regime. An approximate amount of 70-100 grams of protein are recommended per day.

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In exceptional cases where complications and side effects arose after the surgery, only the doctor can advise its criticalness to the patients and the doctor may propose to get the lap band surgery reversed to eliminate any potential risk if necessary. In such case, the patients may need an extended period of time for recovery.

The best part of the surgery is that it is effective at achieving long term weight loss. This is because it has been cited as an effective weight loss treatment and preferred by many who had tried out other alternatives of slimming methods but to no avail.