Hair Replacement Surgery Facts – Important Facts You Should Know About the Procedure

Hair Replacement Surgery Facts – Important Facts You Should Know About the Procedure

Thanks to the advancement of medical science, people who suffer from hair loss can now heave a sigh of relief. With the invention of the hair replacement surgical procedures, just about anyone suffering from loss of hair can now get their hair back. This article throws more light on this surgical method of getting one’s hair back.

First things first, don’t get confused with the different terms you will hear when talking about hair replacement surgery. Whether you hear a term such as hair transplantation or hair restoration, they all mean the same – taking hair from one part that has hair to another part that doesn’t have hair, hence the words – restoration or transplantation.

Also, don’t get confused when you hear terms such as recipient site and donor site. The spot known as recipient site is that part which doesn’t have hair and the donor site is that part where hair is taken and “donated” to the recipient site.

Before hair replacement surgery can be carried out on you, the surgeon would have to know your medical history. This knowledge will help him or her in determining what your peculiar needs are or are not. So, it’s very important for you to be honest with your surgeon about your medical history. If you have a particular ailment or condition, then let him or her know before the surgery. This is very important.

It’s also important for you to know beforehand that the replacement surgery would require you to take some time off from your work or other regular activities. You will need time after the surgery for resting and recuperating before you can resume normal activities.

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As for the surgery itself, it is going to be done under what they call sterile conditions and will be done with a local anesthetic or a kind of sedation. Sterile, as the dictionary defines it, is the use of methods to keep free of pathological microorganisms.

About whether you will feel pain during the surgery, it’s not really true that you will feel pain because of the local anesthetic which will numb the particular area of the surgery, but you will surely feel uncomfortable. Some people say they experience really extreme sensitivity and even tenderness to the affected scalp.

As you can see from the above, the hair replacement surgery is not really a complicated surgery. If you take the time to study about it, it will be much easier to comprehend when you eventually go for it.