Gynaecomastia Surgery – The End of Man Breasts?

Gynaecomastia Surgery – The End of Man Breasts?

Though it seemed like a problem that would never go away in the past, male breast reduction is now quite possible and popular. Through new developments in cosmetic surgery and a strong attention paid to this problem, men everywhere can benefit from a very simple gynaecomastia surgery. This can help to get rid of their man boobs and help them to regain their confidence, both of which are quite important.

There is no distinct cause for male breast enlargement, but there are certainly factors that may contribute to the condition. The most likely common factor is that there is an imbalance of the sex hormones, testosterone and oestrogen. The condition may be hereditary in nature, and that is hard to prevent. There are also certain medications such as steroids or antidepressants that may cause the male breast to develop and form. Recreational drug use, particularly with marijuana, has been found to be a common cause as well.

It’s best if a candidate for this surgery is healthy and at the appropriate weight range. Being overweight may contribute to the problem and therefore may cause a vicious cycle. Though the surgery can be a great success, it’s important to have very realistic expectations about what will happen when all is said and done.

What happens during gynaecomastia surgery? Though there are older versions of the surgery, they can tend to be more primitive in nature. The newer method is known as Vaser liposuction procedure and it is quite effective. Let’s take a look at these methods and how they work.

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First, the older methods: There are three different ways that the excess tissue can be removed. It can be taken out with a scalpel, through liposuction, or through some sort of combination of the two methods. Through the older methods a surgeon usually makes an incision under the arm or in the areola area. The excess fat will be cut away starting with the tissue and skin and then down the sides of the area. If liposuction is to be used, then the surgeon puts a thin tube into the breast. Through a small incision, the fat is then removed by suction. There is often anaesthesia used and a longer recovery time associated.

When you use the newer procedure of Vaser liposuction however, it is gentler on the body and overall much more effective. The excess fat is broken up by ultrasound energy, which is not damaging to the body at all. The fat is the only thing that is treated and therefore minimal anaesthesia is used so the patient can actually go home afterwards. This outpatient surgery takes just over an hour and there is a minimal recovery period as the patient usually bounces right back.

No matter which method you go with, be sure to talk to your doctor if you feel that you have gynaecomastia. You can get rid of your man boobs either way, but you may find that one is more effective and gentler than the other.