Choosing the Right Facility for Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Arizona

When a friend or a loved one is in the grips of addiction to drugs or alcohol, there are many people that want to get them into a treatment plan. However, it’s important to understand that not all treatment facilities are the same. Some treatment facilities are affordable and some are very expensive. The best are the ones that offer multiple different treatment plans that will help to effectively treat a person depending on their addiction as well as their ability to pay.

Medical Detox Treatment

For example, a quality facility for drug and alcohol treatment Arizona may offer things such as medical detox programs, which last anywhere from about 3 to 10 days. These medical detox programs can treat things such as cocaine, heroin, alcohol or methamphetamine addiction through the use of specialized prescription drugs.

Short-Term Rehab

It’s also important to look for programs that offer short-term therapy ranging in the vicinity of three months. These programs can be extremely helpful to people who may not have been addicted to drugs or alcohol for an extended period of time but are beginning to notice the adverse effects of addiction in their own lives as well as the lives of those around them.

Long-Term Treatment and After Treatment Services

There should also be programs available for long-term treatment. This treatment can last as long as six months, and in some cases longer depending on the severity of the addiction. However, treatment is just one phase. A comprehensive facility for drug and alcohol treatment Arizona will also include after program services.

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Many times, people do well in an established and structured rehabilitation program. However, when they leave that program, many people lapse back into the same addictions or perhaps find new addictions. With an aftercare program, intensive follow-ups are done to help reduce the possibility of a person lapsing back into addiction.

For a concerned family member, spouse or friend, there are many things to consider when it comes to rehabilitation treatment plans. That’s why will be important to look at all the options, look at what the person facing the addiction is willing to do, and from there, a comprehensive rehabilitation center should be able to offer a number of different treatment plans that can be effective.