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Importance of Vitamins For Memory

Vitamins are organic chemicals that are necessary for normal metabolic functions and for tissue growth and healing. The intake of vitamins should be increased by those increasing periods of rapid body growth like those in puberty stage, by those who are pregnant, by those who are breastfeeding, by those with debilitating illnesses, and by those with improper diets such as the alcoholics and some elderly.
Drug companies offer vitamins and herbal supplements for specialized needs. Some of these agents have a combination of vitamins, minerals and herbs.
All vitamins are beneficial to the brain, but above all, vitamin B12 (Cobalamin) grabbed the attention of researchers, scientists and critics alike.
Vitamin B12, like folic acid, is essential for DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) synthesis. Vitamin B12 aids in the conversion of folic acid into its active form. With active folic acid, Vitamin B12 promotes cellular division. It is also needed for normal development of red blood cells in the bone marrow, and to maintain nervous system integrity, especially the myelin.
Vitamin B12 is beneficial to the brain and body since its deficiency might lead to weakness, anorexia, diarrhea, memory loss, insomnia, mood changes, dementia, psychosis and even megaloblastic anemia.
Folic acid is another vitamin beneficial to the body and brain. It is a vitamin absorbed from the small intestines and the active form of folic acid called folate is circulated to the tissues. Folic acid is essential for body growth. It is needed for DNA synthesis, and without it, there is a disruption in cellular division.
Folic acid deficiencies may lead to anorexia, fatigue, nausea, diarrhea, stomatitis, hair loss and blood dyscrasias like megaloblastic anemia and leucopenia, deficiency during the first trimester of pregnancy can affect the development of the central nervous system (CNS) of the fetus. This may cause neural tube defects such as defective closure of the spinal cord, or anencephaly (lack of brain mass formation). To prevent these CNS anomalies, pregnant women must take adequate folic acid supplements at about 0.4 mg per day.
Every aspect of brain functionality is influenced by, and uses, vitamins. Most importantly, a balanced diet can provide you all the vitamins that you need. Many people, however, do not eat a balanced diet. If you fall into this category you should consider taking a mulitvitamin daily.…

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Lemons Give Your Health a Lift

Although lemons are a really good health food, I don’t think many people really think about them when considering a healthy diet. However, they are much more than a garnish for your iced tea! When you consider that lemons are a citrus fruit, it might make it a little easier to think of them as health foods. All citrus fruits are high in flavonoids, which are antioxidants believed to fight cell damage that leads to cancer, heart disease, and other health problems.
Lemons are especially good on the cancer fighting front. They contain a compound called limonene. This special phytonutrient had been shown to have anticancer properties in laboratory animals. It seems likely that it would also have an anticancer effect for humans, too.
Citrus limonoids are also shown in tests to fight neuroblastoma tumors. They also help prevent cancers of the breast, colon, lung, mouth, skin and stomach. From research done with limonoids, scientists think they may work so well because they stay in the bloodstream for a long time. Besides all this, not only are lemons an excellent source of vitamin C, but they also contain a good amount of vitamin A, folate, calcium and potassium. They’re full of good things that are good for you!
Adding a slice of lemon to your water is one way to use fresh lemons. Of course, you can also make lemonade. A large lemon will yield about three to four tablespoons of juice, and yields more juice when warm. Rolling a lemon around under the palm of your hand on a flat surface will also increase the juice yield.
Be sure to wash off the skin of the lemon before you cut it. This prevents any bacteria or dirt that was on the surface of the lemon from being transferred inside the fruit, and into the food you are going to eat. However you decide to eat lemons, you’re getting a great health food in your diet. So add some to your diet today!…

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Vemma Opportunity Review – Vemma Verve Will it Crush Monavie EMV?

Vemma Verve is a unique name owned and created by a very well respected Nutritional company called New Vision. New vision is based out of sunny Scottsdale, AZ where they operate out of a 20,000 sqft building and have generated over $1 billion in sales.
There are so many companies around the health and nutrition industry, I mean the top 11 billion dollar yearly producing companies all of them but 1 have a nutritional product of some type.
So what will distinguish Vemma from the rest of the herd? Lets begin by reviewing some of the fundamentals of a network marketing business and comparing to the ones who have succeeded.
1. The corporate site of vemma is very well based and laid have taken the passion and energy to really build a brand for themselves. Many marketers under estimate corporate website but take this analogy:
You have two websites to buy from, there is website A that is flashy, lots of information and professionally laid out, and then we have website B that is taking forever to load, the images are all over the place they have no flow. On which two of the sites will people spend their time on? Exactly website A, because as humans we are attracted to flash and colors, and reading testimonials.
2. Corporate leadership, veema seems to have a well crafted corporate team that has produced serious results in the past through the vehicle of network marketing. This is a critical factor in your success, I have met so many network marketers that just get burned and abused when joining a company and then it goes corporate, or its sold and re-branded. If you have true network marketing corporate leaders, preferably experience distributors you have a great setup.
A key element that I picked up when doing a review was that I noticed Vemma, did not have a very strong online presence. Now there are a few websites out their, but they don’t have a system that you can leverage through the internet, generate a leads daily to share the product with and then replicate.
Replicating a corporate or distributor website online is a major mistake. Its okay to have it on your business cards for your local team and people you come across, but on the web you need a personal blog or a MLM lead system that can drive hundreds of people into your organization very quickly.…

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Flourishing Under Healthcare Reform – Maximize Your Profits By Minimizing The Impact Of LUPAs

Full Episodes Worth 11 Times More Than LUPA Episodes
Among the most costly groups of Medicare patients are those subject to LUPA. Using the most recently available national claims database, Healthcare Market Resources’ research shows that a full episode patient is worth 11 times more than a LUPA episode patient. Furthermore, the indirect costs in servicing a patient – including intake, medical records, billing and quality review – are practically the same regardless of whether it is a LUPA or full episode. The average labor cost per visit is also higher for a LUPA episode, since the added effort of the initial and discharge visits are balanced by fewer “regular” visits. LUPA episodes are financially unattractive and, therefore, every effort should be made to minimize their frequency.
Understanding Why LUPAs Occur Can Help Minimize Them in the Future
There are three types of LUPA episode patients based on the reason for the adjustment: Inevitable episodes, intake episodes and operational episodes. By understanding why an adjustment is made, an agency can take steps to minimize the occurrence of LUPA episodes in the future:
1. Inevitable LUPA Episodes
These types of LUPA episodes are very difficult to prevent. They can happen if a patient is readmitted to the hospital or transferred to hospice before a treatment plan is completed. Another example of an inevitable LUPA episode is a patient service who requires a re-certification period, but achieves the treatment plan goals before completion of the full episode visit level. Other than making sure that the transfer to hospice occurs after the fifth visit, there is little that your agency can do to prevent these inevitable LUPAs.
2. Intake LUPA Episodes
As you can see in the Metrics Matters section of this newsletter, patients with certain primary diagnoses are more likely to generate LUPAs than others. The prime offenders – diagnoses that generate the most “intake” LUPA episodes – include:
Mental health
B12 shots (Blood)
Catheter changes.
Once your agency has decided to admit a patient with one of these diagnoses, there is little that you can do to avoid the LUPA. If your agency has programs that serve these patient populations while your competitors do not, you’ll likely end up with a disproportionate number of LUPA cases. Several of Healthcare Market Resources’ Market Profile Reports can help your agency determine if it’s bearing the burden of LUPA diagnoses for your community.
Certain referral sources, such as ambulatory surgery centers, may also generate a disproportionate number of LUPAs because of the limited needs of their patients. Only an agency that is built around a per-visit model rather than an episode model may have the cost structure to serve these patients. As the impact of the reimbursement cuts begin to affect the survivability of home care agencies – especially local visiting nurse associations (VNAs) – tough decisions may have to be made as to whether an agency can afford to continue to serve these patient populations, particularly if the long-term survivability of the agency is at stake.
3. Operational LUPA Episodes
Frequently caused by patients missing visits, this type of LUPA is the most preventable. Monitoring these “absences” on a real-time basis and holding staff accountable for rescheduling the visit is essential. Also, your agency can contact projected LUPA patients between visits to see if their condition has changed. If a patient’s condition has changed, your agency can respond by contacting the physician to get an assessment visit authorized. In any case, this practice is good customer relations. Additionally, agencies should conduct periodic chart reviews to determine how many LUPAs were preventable.
LUPA Rates Vary Among Different Markets
LUPA rates also vary significantly from market to market. Healthcare Market Resources demonstrated LUPA levels vary dramatically by state, for example, in a previous newsletter article, “Metrics Matters: What Percentage of Your Home Care Patient Episodes Are Subject to LUPA?” In fact, we found a negative.65 correlation, which is statistically significant, between recert rates and LUPA levels. That means the higher the recert rate, the lower the LUPA levels. This strong correlation indicates that LUPAs are less likely to occur if agencies serve a highly chronic population.
Each market has its own LUPA level, caused by:
The types of patients referred to home health
At what point in the disease process patients are referred
How long agencies are “allowed” to keep patients.
Managing your agency’s percentage of LUPA patients can have a significant impact on your financial results.…

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Gluten Allergy Symptoms

Gluten allergy symptoms is once the allergen comes in contact with the small intestines, causes the immunity mechanism to attack the lining of the colon. This attack on the mucosa of the small intestines of the victim of an allergic reaction to gluten weakens the belly and may cause heavy health issues in the future. The delicate coating is answerable for soaking up vitamins and nutrients in our body.

The symptoms of gluten allergy are the same as those that occur as a result as other food allergies, these include swelling and itching of the tongue, throat and mouth, diarrhea, hives, fatigue, rash, weight loss, stomach cramps, runny nose and sore itchy eyes to name but a few. The symptoms of gluten allergy can range from mild to life threatening, depending on the individual.

One difficulty with gluten intolerance symptoms is that they often begin in a subtle manner. If you develop gluten intolerance, you may not suddenly experience severe pain or obvious discomfort relating to your diet. They typically begin with gas and bloating accompanied by mild fatigue. Some experience a dull, mild stomach pain.

However there is another condition which is known as gluten intolerance which is often confused with gluten allergy. This is a more serious condition which will not have the symptoms similar to gluten allergy symptoms. In fact there will be no symptoms after eating gluten until much damage has already taken place.

A person’s gluten allergy symptoms, or gluten intolerance symptoms, will usually start so subtle that you don’t even think of them as symptoms of anything. You’ll experience perhaps a little indigestion there, a little bloating here… If left untreated for any period of time, however, celiac disease symptoms grow more numerous and more severe.

Gluten intolerance, or its clinical name, celiac disease, is an autoimmune disease, not an allergy. This means when you consume gluten, that gluten triggers your body to attack itself. While the results of this autoimmune response can be severe, it can take a long time for those results appear, sometimes even years. So don’t mistake a gluten intolerance for a wheat allergy. An allergy is not an autoimmune disease.

Later stages of celiac disease are similar to severe malnutrition, only people don’t think they could be experiencing malnutrition because they believe they’re eating plenty of healthy food. However, if you are unknowingly gluten intolerant and you are eating foods which contain gluten, no matter how healthy you eat you can become malnourished.

The normal symptoms of gluten allergy are triggered by a histamine reaction, which is caused by white blood cells in the body called basophils and mast cells overreacting to the influx of the Immoglobin E. This results in the characteristic symptoms of an allergic reaction, such as watery eyes, sneezing, hives or a skin rash, and stomach discomfort or pain. If suffering from these symptoms, the use of an antihistamine may be beneficial. The severity of symptoms, and well and the number and type of symptoms can very person to person.

This usually involves a small intestinal mucosal biopsy, whilst this sounds scary the procedure is safe and is usually performed at the time of a gastrointestinal endoscopy. In other words a small camera is inserted down your throat that enables the doctor to look at what’s going on down there and perform the biopsy. This will allow the doctor to make a proper diagnosis.

If you suffer with gluten intolerance or sensitivity or Coeliac Disease then you will know the feeling of stomach cramping, pain, gas, constipation or diarrhea. People who have Coeliac Disease cannot eat food products containing gluten because it is a digestive disease that damages the small intestine and interferes with the absorption of nutrients from food, and if a person suffering with Coeliac or gluten intolerance consumes gluten in any form, the immune system responds as if it were toxic by either destroying or damaging the villi which lines the small intestine.…

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Nutrition Tips in The Light of New Researches

A healthy nutrition is imperative for a sound mind and active body. Many people especially youngsters blindly follow whatever they watch in glamorous TV ads and magazines. Most of the times there is fake information told that impair or adversely affect bodily functions instead of going towards improvement. Given here are some important tips that are to be considered seriously.
Recent studies reveal pomegranate keeps prostate cancer from progressing further; improves flow of blood in patients with cardiac ailments and prevents arteries from becoming hard. The fruit has antioxidant tannin, anthocyanin and polyphenol that make it a perfect choice for heart patients. Its seeds that are really delicious can be mixed with yogurt or in green salad to make it more toothsome as well as nutritious.
The purple family
A recent research has shown that purple foods such as grapes, eggplant and berries etc. help decrease the risk of metabolic syndrome-a condition in which the patient has the risk of multiple illnesses simultaneously, such as Type II diabetes, stroke and heart disease. To get the maximum benefits out of the fruit, it’s recommended to have it in 100 % pure form instead of taking grapes blend. Concord grape juice is highly nourishing.
Considered just an important ingredient of garlic bread, curries, sauces and salad dressings; garlic now has been given a higher rank among foods for its immense benefits to heart patients. It lowers cholesterol and triglycerides. It also prevents thrombosis, a disease in which plaques are formed in blood. High blood pressure can be lowered to normal with garlic extract.
Liquid vitamin supplements
There is so much hype about liquid vitamins taken as supplements. These are best for those who are unable to tolerate or ingest vitamin pills. As compared to normal supplements that are 10 -20 % absorbed in the blood, liquid vitamins are easily absorbed 60 -70% which is a good news to all those out there not happy by spending a hefty amount on pills and not getting desired results. These liquid supplements also increase energy without stimulants.
The only disadvantage is that about 50% of the liquid vitamin supplements are destroyed in the stomach owing to absence of protective layer around. An important thing is to do regular physical exercise while taking multivitamins to assist them work more efficiently.
Green tea
Latest research has revealed it’s a healthy and harmless way to reduce weight. To all obese persons, say goodbye to fattening drinks, shakes, coffee and black tea. Include green tea in regular diet that comes with zero side-effects.
Dark chocolate
A heavenly dessert now awarded to have been containing medical properties. A rich source of antioxidants, dark chocolate or cocoa powder is beneficial for health as opposed to past beliefs that it’s a junk food. The myth is gone now; so take moderate amount of dark chocolate or cocoa. Combine with berries, oranges, nuts, grains, milk or any sumptuous accompaniment that satisfies your taste buds. However, try to avoid milk chocolate that is relatively unhealthy.
The best practice is to have a diet plan from an expert certified dietitian. Don’t forget to update based on new findings. Stay away from old myths and rumors.…

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To B Or Not to B? Vegetarianism and Depression

Is your life ruled by both vegetarianism and depression? If so, the cause of your depression may stem from a seemingly innocuous B vitamin deficiency.
It may come as a surprise to some, but contrary to popular dictate, human beings are not natural vegetarians. We are omnivores – our teeth confirm it. We have rending and tearing incisors, just as predators do; and we have grinding molars, just like herbivores.
Another piece of hard evidence exists: Humans need vitamin B12, which is only found in red meats. A lack of vitamin B12 can cause, among other things, severe depression.
Where there is cyanocobalamin (B12) deficiency, there will also be pyridoxine (B6) deficiency too. If you are vegan or vegetarian, it is vital that you supplement your diet artificially with these 2 vitamins. Take B6 or a multiple B-Complex vitamin is recommended – but you should go one step further. Have your doctor check your B12, and if it reads as deficient, be aware that the only effective way to supplement is to receive regular subcutaneous B12 injections (or eat red meat!)
Besides depression, other indicators of B6 deficiency include:
• Skin sensitivity
• High blood pressure
• Anemia
• Trouble sleeping; or quality of sleep
Indicators of B12 deficiency include:
• Memory problems
• Cognitive confusion
• Anemia
• Paralysis (in extreme cases)
• hair loss
• stress
Many people diagnosed with fibromyalgia in fact have later been proven deficient in B vitamins. Therefore it is especially important for anyone suffering from depression to be as proactive as possible, and insist on having their B12 levels tested.
A Simple Cure
It’s worth noting that there are certain patients whose levels of B12 test within the accepted range who do experience an almost-immediate boost in their physical energy levels, along with a reduction of depression, when given B12 injections anyway. These are typically patients who have been chronically depressed for years.
In some ways, B vitamins are among the safer vitamins to take: any excess is excreted through the bowels, bile and urine (turning the latter bright yellow.) However, you should know that taking more than the recommended dose of B6 can cause severe nightmares, while ingesting even the slightest overdose of B3 – Niacin – can cause a particularly unpleasant “Niacin flush”, in which blood rushes to your face and you feel quite peculiar for a period of time.
We’ll leave the last word to 12-year-old Michael M.: “If Jesus had meant us to be vegetarians, he would have fed the multitude on loaves and beans, instead of loaves and fishes.”
If you are a vegetarian you will naturally not agree with this unique viewpoint – but do get your B vitamin levels properly checked, in case they are low. The cause of your depression just may be as simple as that.…