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See Real Change Before and After Penis Enlargement

See Real Change Before and After Penis Enlargement

In the locker room there are many men who are comfortable to strip naked while changing or taking a shower. They have no inhibitions because they know that they are all guys in there and they have the same thing hanging in between their legs anyway. But there are some men who somehow feel uneasy to do this. They go to the last or corner shower stall where they will not be seen much. They also cover themselves up with a towel when they change. Why do you think there are men like these? Are they just conservative or prudish? There is a big chance that these men act this way because they have a small dick. They do not want others to find out about their secret because they know they will be ridiculed. If you are one of these guys, here are some tips that can help you make your tool longer. If you follow these tips you will really be able to compare the size of your penis before and after penis enlargement.

First is penis enlargement surgery. It is one of the surest ways to increase the size of your member. If you go to a good doctor you will really see a big improvement in your size. Even your partner will be surprised at how ‘big’ you have become after the surgery. One downside to penis enlargement surgery is that it is very expensive. And like other surgical procedures, there are also risks involved. Some say that you can have a deformed penis. Others say you may lose sensation in your dick. What good would be a long penis if you cannot feel anything down there? If you want to minimize these risks make sure that you go to a doctor who has a good record.

Another technique which will give marked improvement before and after penis enlargement is through the use of penis enhancement pills. Unlike surgery this technique is not very expensive. People who support the use of pills also say that these pills do not have side effects because they are made of natural ingredients.

Another option is the age old technique called hanging. In this method you have to attach a hanging device, usually rope, in your penis. You then hang varying weights through the rope. The idea is that as the tissues are stretched spaces are created for new cells to grow. However, extreme caution is needed because the tissues in your penis are very sensitive. If you are not careful, you might do a lot of damage to your thing.

There are also exercises that you can perform to add inches to your dick. These exercises like jelqing have been used by many already and they attest that you will really see differences in size before and after the program. What is good about exercise is that it will not cost you anything. It is also safe because you do not drink or use anything foreign.

Do any of these tips to lengthen your penis. The next time you hit the showers you can confidently stay in the first stall where everybody else can see you and envy you for the size of your tool.…

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Scars Are One of the Few Things Whose Appearance Tends to Improve With Age

Scars Are One of the Few Things Whose Appearance Tends to Improve With Age

The natural result of the body’s attempt to heal an open wound or tear in the surface of the skin or body tissues is a scar. Every person forms scars, and scars are always resulting from surgical incisions or trauma which goes all the way to the deeper layers of skin and sometimes the structures. In fact, a scar will result from any type of procedure. There is no such thing as a procedure that does not leave a scar, regardless of what is advertised or hyped.

Unfortunately for some, the body’s healing may result in the formation of scars that are unsightly or that cause unwanted symptoms such as pain or tightness. The surgery or scar revision involves the removal of the offending scar and its replacement with an improved surrounding soft tissue or skin. This can allow for the scar to be camouflaged and minimized in a much more aesthetic and functional way.

Scars are one of the few things that will improve with age. Scars that are often unsightly, thickened scars at first can become thinner and virtually unnoticeable over time. Scars will typically undergo several stages of healing. An incision or scar that has been carefully closed will usually have a small amount of bruising and swelling over the first several days after the procedure or injury. Sutures will then be removed, if necessary, and healing or the would and scar production will begin. The body will bring in natural building blocks such as collagen to the area of the would which will allow for the area of the scar to be bridged and sealed.

Every scar will appear to become more lumpy and red at first. This process will take somewhere between two and six weeks. Between the fourth and eighth weeks, the scar will appear much redder and wider than it initially did. This will usually be when the scar looks it’s worst, and is a natural part of the process of healing. The scar will usually remain reddened for about one to six months after this. After that as the fibers, collagen, and scar organizes and progressively matures, the scar tends to contract down and eventually flatten out. The color of the scar will become less red and then begin to take on the appearance and color of the tissue surrounding it. The scar will then slowly fade with time.

Scar revision is typically a safe procedure. Most of the time the procedure can be performed under local anesthesia in an outpatient setting. The healing process is usually rapid and the procedures and the recovery are usually not very painful. Risks will usually include infection, pain, bleeding, and damage to the nerves and vessels.…

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Facts About Snoring Surgery and Six Common Procedures

Facts About Snoring Surgery and Six Common Procedures

About surgery and snoring

Snoring is a very common problem and for some people many different approaches to stop it have not worked. Whether it would be various snoring aids and devices, CPAP machine, snoring pillows, nutrition aids and they have not found something that works. Especially if a person has sleep apnea they may find themselves in this position where they need to consider surgery. Surgery is the last resort in solving a snoring problem, many procedures have a high success rate and you need to know all your options. This article will give you information about six of the most common surgical procedures for snoring.

Specialist that perform the procedure

Doctors that perform the surgery are ears; nose throat doctors also called ENTs, other specialists for these procedures are maxillofacial surgeons.

Six common surgical procedures for snoring cessation

CAPSO Cautery Assisted Palatal Stiffening operation: hardens the tissues of the soft palate and the throat. This can be done on a outpatient basis

CAUP Cautrey Assisted Uvulopalatoplasty shortens the uvula, can also be done on an outpatient basis.

Pillar procedure places 3 to 4 small rods in the soft palate to firm it. This procedure is FDA approved and has been performed by dentists.

LAUP Laser Assisted Uvuloprolatoplasty looks to vaporize part of uvula and soft palate. It will shorten the uvula and reduce the soft palate.

Balloon Sinuplasty-uses a balloon catheter to enlarge sinus passages

Deviated septum surgery straightens the septum the cartilage between the nostrils.

Success Rates with these procedures

With the CAPSO procedure has success rate on the short term of 90% while on the long term at 75%. The CAUP procedure has about 80% success rate of the data reviewed. Keep in mind with procedure it does not address the soft palate which can very commonly cause snoring, was reported that patients needed follow surgery to address that cause. Pillar procedure is relatively new procedure was reported that 80% of bed partners noticed an improvement also about the improvement with sleep apnea patients. LAUP procedure has a 70% to 80% success rate with snoring. Balloon Sinuplasty and deviated septum surgery has no definitive data on effectiveness.

Common problems with surgery

Many of the same problems and risks you have with other surgical procedures you can have with snoring cessation surgery. Though these procedures are relatively low risk procedures, you could develop complications such as infection and soreness.


By understanding the options you have with snoring reduction surgery you can able make the best decision for you and your family.…

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5 Quick Ways to Whiten Your Teeth

5 Quick Ways to Whiten Your Teeth

Let’s face it, nobody wants to have bad, yellow, or crooked teeth. In fact, most people who have this kind of teeth would be ashamed and avoid smiling at all costs. It is good news to know that white teeth are actually not something that only movie stars and celebrities could have. Whiter teeth can be achieved with these five quick ways on how to have a brighter and whiter smile.

Use teeth whitening products

Various whitening products are available in the market today. Your choices include whitening toothpastes, whitening gels, whitening strips, and whitening trays. Whitening toothpastes contain mild abrasives that remove surface stains and lighten teeth up to one or two shades. The other three products, meanwhile, have a bleaching agent that can whiten teeth more effectively. The gel is applied directly on the teeth with the use of a brush or applicator. Strips are pasted on the surface of the teeth. The tray is a mouth guard fitted into the mouth and worn overnight.

Quit smoking

If you are smoking, you cannot expect your pearls to be bright and shiny, after all the main ingredients of cigarette, which are tar and nicotine, greatly stains the teeth. If you want to have whiter and brighter teeth, one of the quickest ways to achieve this is to say goodbye to this unhealthy habit.

Try natural teeth whiteners

Natural whiteners such as baking soda, strawberries, wood ash and walnut bark are also effective in lightening up your teeth. Baking soda serves as a bleaching agent that whitens the teeth. Strawberry has malic acid while both the hard wood ash and walnut bark have potassium hydroxide. All of these agents are effective in whitening the teeth.

Stay away from teeth staining foods and drinks

Foods and drinks that can stain the teeth include tea, coffee, soda, blueberries, soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, tomato sauce, cranberry juice, curry, and beets. Limit intake of such foods and drinks, and if you do consume them, make sure that you brush and floss right away afterwards.

Have an in-office teeth whitening procedure

Laser teeth whitening is the latest dental procedure for whitening the teeth. First, your dentist will clean your teeth thoroughly and remove plaque and dirt on the enamel and along the gum lines. After this, a coating of peroxide gel is placed on the surface of the teeth. This will then be shot with laser to activate the chemicals quickly and effectively. The whole process lasts up to an hour. As you may expect, this procedure can be costly, a lot more expensive than home whitening products but certainly more effective too.

No matter how we look at it, we would always hate bad teeth. This is why, it is imperative that we take care of our teeth in the best way possible. And if you do have discolored pearls, now is the time to do something about it. These tips mentioned above would surely help you achieve a whiter and more beautiful smile.…

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Lasik Eye Surgery Options

Lasik Eye Surgery Options

Are you wearing contact lenses or glasses yet you find it a bit inconvenient? Well, here are some Lasik eye surgery options that will surely give you a 20/20 vision like what normal eyes will have!

Lasik’s primary goal is reducing or eliminating some of the common refractive errors such as farsightedness, nearsightedness as well as astigmatism which will also lessen the need on relying on those contacts and glasses.

The correction using Lasik vision has gained higher rate of satisfaction from patients as compared to other elective surgeries as revealed by scientific studies survey that was conducted for 10 years all over the world. Lasik is definitely one of the newest technological advances that have delivered much better results than expected.

With Lasik, more and more patients are enjoying a 20/20 vision or even much better, something that is definitely functional and useful at the same time.

Lasik Options Made Available for You

At present, there are already three primary Lasik options where you will be choosing what fits your eyes.

• Conventional Lasik – this is something that will correct your eyes’ vision depending on the prescription that you have for your glasses or contacts. Your correction of vision level will be identified through the typical vision test: “Which is better, this or that?” The refractive error types that it can correct include astigmatism, farsightedness and nearsightedness.

• Wavefront-guided Lasik – also known as custom Lasik sometimes, this certain option among the different Lasik options is creating a customized map of the current aberrations that are of higher order in order to correct the refractive error and more subtle eyes problems. In some instances, existing aberrations of high order are already severe that a special treatment is already needed.

• Wavefront-optimized Lasik – a newer Lasik options technology correcting refractive errors and at the same time, accounting for the eyes’ natural curvature and each eye’s unique characteristics. Since among the Lasik options this one is following the eye’s shape more closely, there are lesser risks that subtle problems in the vision will be induced, known as high order aberrations, as compared to conventional Lasik. These aberrations might already include slight blurring; visual contrast that is less clear as well as halos, starbursts and mild glare surrounding lights at nighttime.

When choosing the Lasik options that best suit you, you should always consult with your eye doctor who will be able to give you the answer that you need. But rest assured that all these Lasik options are effective, safe and with high rates of satisfaction. These Lasik options will definitely give you back your eyes that have 20/20 vision in due time, faster than any of those elective surgeries.…

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The Importance of Following Doctor’s Orders

The Importance of Following Doctor’s Orders

As I write this, I am waiting to see if we need to make a one hundred mile one way trip to take care of my mother-in-law. She had surgery today, and has already taken the bandage off. The surgery involved an artery and a vein. It’s still bleeding.

She took it off because it bled through, and was “dirty.” It was against doctor’s orders, but it didn’t stop her. Now, we don’t know what has happened to the surgery site, the reason for the surgery and/or whether or not this bleeding could be life threatening.

It’s not the first time I’ve dealt with a patient who doesn’t follow orders. Some try to walk before it’s safe after leg, ankle or foot surgery, Others take the bandages off to soon. Some eat before surgery and really regret it afterwards. All of these can cause preventable problems.

It’s easy to ignore a doctor’s advice, and many, if not most of us do it at some point in time. When the order is over something minor, we may even get away with think we do. What happens when it’s a big deal?

This particular surgery involves an artery and a vein in the arm. If it were the leg, it would be an immediate threat to life and limb, but there is a bit more lag time for an arm. Not leeway, though. No, this is a serious and potentially deadly problem.

Several things could pose life threatening problems. If the bleeding can’t be stopped, it won’t take all that long to bleed to death. This surgery site is nearby all those bleeders wrist slitters use. Sound sinister? It is and it is not to be played around with.

The reason for surgery can also pose problems. There are a lot of reasons for surgery in this region; carpal tunnel is but a short distance down the arm and surgeries for breaks, ligament and cartilage damage could be feasible. In this instance, it is installing a stent to prepare a patient for dialysis.

Sound simple? Not really. A connection has to be made between an artery and a vein. Because these vessels are always under pressure, bleeding can pose a serious risk, even if you do what the doctor tells you. Take the bandage off too soon and you invite disaster.

I often write articles from a personal perspective, but usually not this serious of an issue. Please look at this article as if it was written by your child, your spouse or other loving relatives. If your doctor tells you to do this or avoid that, it is for a good reason. If you want to prevent your family from the sleepless night we now look forward to, please follow your doctor’s instructions.…

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Learn How Dropping Plastic Surgery Costs Can Help You Get Cheap Work Done!

Learn How Dropping Plastic Surgery Costs Can Help You Get Cheap Work Done!

With the current economic downturn, it is the perfect time to get those plastic surgery procedures you have been saving up for. How come? Just like all other products and services, cosmetic surgery prices are drastically reduced during times of a recession. The costs of plastic surgery are decreasing quickly, making it much more affordable for the average person.


Some cosmetic surgeons will advertise their prices on the internet while others will not. Most surgeons will not give prices out over the telephone; they want you to come in for a consultation before they will disclose the costs. Not only is the technique effective in getting patients through the door, it also allows the patient to see the potential results before making up their mind if they can afford it or not. It also allows the potential client to meet the doctor and decide whether or not surgery seems safe.

It is important to be aware of the fact that there are many more costs associated with plastic surgery than just the surgery itself. You have to consider pain medications, gauze, bed pads and antibiotics. If you are having a breast augmentation, you will also have to consider the cost of a compression garment which can cost upwards of $100.00 depending on the brand and quality. There are also pre-surgery tests that need to be run such as blood exams and EKG’s. These tests are not covered by insurance if they are related to cosmetic surgery.


For many years, people have opted to take advantage of the cheaper prices of plastic surgery in other countries. Plastic surgery costs overseas are typically half of that they cost in the United States. Having your procedure done overseas can save you a lot of money, but be aware of the dangers. Many countries do not have the strict laws we do in the U.S and there have been several cases of botched surgery attempts that have left people disfigured or even dead.


Before you pick a surgeon and go under the knife, do your research. Ask for referrals and clients testimonials from doctors. Never have a procedure done in someone’s home or a shady doctor’s office. Doing your research and being prepared can save you a lot of heartache and can even save your life. Remember, making your body look a certain way or trying to conform to some random standard of beauty is not worth losing your life, so make sure your doctor has the necessary credentials.…