Are Dentures the Best Option for Your Missing Teeth?


While we would wish that we have smiles that last a lifetime, the truth is that issues arise sometimes. Gum disease, injuries, and tooth decay are some of the most common causes of missing teeth. Other people may have congenitally missing teeth, a condition where some individuals are born without certain teeth. The commonly affected teeth are the second premolars, wisdom teeth, and the upper lateral incisors.

Missing teeth do not only impact on an individual’s smile, but they may cause serious health issues over time. For instance, it can result in poor nutrition in cases where an individual can’t chew food properly. Missing teeth can also result in large gaps as they move in the jaw. They can also cause overcrowding in one side of the jaw, thus requiring specialized orthodontic treatment.

Fortunately, a denture clinic penrith often offers several options for replacing missing teeth. During the consultation with a qualified specialist, you can ask questions about your specific tooth loss problem and learn about the treatment options that are available for missing teeth. Denture, implants, and bridges are some of the best solutions to get back your dental formula to perfect health.


Dentures provide one of the best solutions to missing teeth. They are artificial teeth and gums that are manufactured to your mouth and fitted by a denturist to replace the lost teeth. These artificial devices can either be partial or full. A qualified denturist will make dentures that perfectly fit in your mouth and match the existing teeth.

What Makes Dentures?

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Initially, manufacturers used plastic and porcelain to make dentures, but the modern technology affords the manufacture of dentures from a harder resin. Although they use resin to make modern dentures, it cannot beat the natural enamel. They wear out faster than natural, and thus you should replace them every five years or so. The structure that resembles natural gum line in dentures is used to hold the artificial teeth in place. Manufacturers use a more flexible polymer material that fits naturally on the gum line to make the gum structure.

But Why Would You Wear Dentures?

Dentures do not only improve your smile, but they also keep the structure of your mouth solid. Dentures also make it easier to chew food, thus ensuring that you get proper nourishment. If you have teeth that cause you sleepless night, probably you should consider having them replaced with dentures. Besides, dentures are customized to match with the rest of the teeth and gums, so no one can tell if you have them on.

What Are the Alternatives to Dentures?

Depending on your case, a denturist can recommend dental implants, thus eliminating the need for dentures. However, the cost for dental implants is usually higher compared to that of dentures. The procedure is also a bit more demanding than that of dentures. But the good thing is that dental implants will give you the feel of real teeth. Dental implants are increasingly becoming an alternative to dentures, but unfortunately, not everyone is a candidate for dental implants.