5 Quick Ways to Whiten Your Teeth

5 Quick Ways to Whiten Your Teeth

Let’s face it, nobody wants to have bad, yellow, or crooked teeth. In fact, most people who have this kind of teeth would be ashamed and avoid smiling at all costs. It is good news to know that white teeth are actually not something that only movie stars and celebrities could have. Whiter teeth can be achieved with these five quick ways on how to have a brighter and whiter smile.

Use teeth whitening products

Various whitening products are available in the market today. Your choices include whitening toothpastes, whitening gels, whitening strips, and whitening trays. Whitening toothpastes contain mild abrasives that remove surface stains and lighten teeth up to one or two shades. The other three products, meanwhile, have a bleaching agent that can whiten teeth more effectively. The gel is applied directly on the teeth with the use of a brush or applicator. Strips are pasted on the surface of the teeth. The tray is a mouth guard fitted into the mouth and worn overnight.

Quit smoking

If you are smoking, you cannot expect your pearls to be bright and shiny, after all the main ingredients of cigarette, which are tar and nicotine, greatly stains the teeth. If you want to have whiter and brighter teeth, one of the quickest ways to achieve this is to say goodbye to this unhealthy habit.

Try natural teeth whiteners

Natural whiteners such as baking soda, strawberries, wood ash and walnut bark are also effective in lightening up your teeth. Baking soda serves as a bleaching agent that whitens the teeth. Strawberry has malic acid while both the hard wood ash and walnut bark have potassium hydroxide. All of these agents are effective in whitening the teeth.

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Stay away from teeth staining foods and drinks

Foods and drinks that can stain the teeth include tea, coffee, soda, blueberries, soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, tomato sauce, cranberry juice, curry, and beets. Limit intake of such foods and drinks, and if you do consume them, make sure that you brush and floss right away afterwards.

Have an in-office teeth whitening procedure

Laser teeth whitening is the latest dental procedure for whitening the teeth. First, your dentist will clean your teeth thoroughly and remove plaque and dirt on the enamel and along the gum lines. After this, a coating of peroxide gel is placed on the surface of the teeth. This will then be shot with laser to activate the chemicals quickly and effectively. The whole process lasts up to an hour. As you may expect, this procedure can be costly, a lot more expensive than home whitening products but certainly more effective too.

No matter how we look at it, we would always hate bad teeth. This is why, it is imperative that we take care of our teeth in the best way possible. And if you do have discolored pearls, now is the time to do something about it. These tips mentioned above would surely help you achieve a whiter and more beautiful smile.