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Low Touch Concept.

The world of business thrives on the exchange of information, there needs to be convincing the customer and informing them why they need to go for a particular product and turn down that of the competitor. Depending on what information the customer needs to know to make a purchase of the product or the service, the business needs to invest in ways of passing information that is productive and cordial.

One of the concept focuses on exchanging a lot of information between the customer and the salesperson. Another concept will see very little exchange of information between the sales person s and the potential customers over a medium. Here you will put your product or service on your website and push the traffic and sell the product without doing much. Make no mistake, if you want the low touch to work for you, had work comes as part of what the concept needs. When you employ the concept however it is not to mean that you wipe out your sales team. It is only at the beginning of the sales cycle that the sales team will not see much action.

Low touch concept does not mean that there are no people it’s just that their input will not be that much. If you have made your mind to make use of low touch websites, you need to have the following considerations to have that informed decision. You need to have success with your customers. For purposes of shortening the time-to-value trial you need a clear value position to make the low- touch concept to work. It is essential that you generate a large volume of leads as well. For a business to be said is successful the owner needs to be doing business with the lowest cost of operations and maximizing on the outputs of the business. The high touch model will involve a lot of costs such as paying the sales people and that reflects to the cost of doing business.

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Self-service is key in the sales process in the low touch model, there needs to be software involved to make it possible for a customer to obtain the service or the products that are in need. The low touch model works for specific businesses but other professions are out of the question because you could never apply automation in some fields. Its ideal on the side of the cost as the software provider might be charging the use on monthly rates making it very convenient for the business operations. The big network of customers will shoulder all the costs involved for the infrastructure needed to make the system work meaning no direct infrastructure cost. The the system works when there is some cooperation of all factors needed, it calls for the understanding.

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