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Nutrition Tips in The Light of New Researches

A healthy nutrition is imperative for a sound mind and active body. Many people especially youngsters blindly follow whatever they watch in glamorous TV ads and magazines. Most of the times there is fake information told that impair or adversely affect bodily functions instead of going towards improvement. Given here are some important tips that are to be considered seriously.
Recent studies reveal pomegranate keeps prostate cancer from progressing further; improves flow of blood in patients with cardiac ailments and prevents arteries from becoming hard. The fruit has antioxidant tannin, anthocyanin and polyphenol that make it a perfect choice for heart patients. Its seeds that are really delicious can be mixed with yogurt or in green salad to make it more toothsome as well as nutritious.
The purple family
A recent research has shown that purple foods such as grapes, eggplant and berries etc. help decrease the risk of metabolic syndrome-a condition in which the patient has the risk of multiple illnesses simultaneously, such as Type II diabetes, stroke and heart disease. To get the maximum benefits out of the fruit, it’s recommended to have it in 100 % pure form instead of taking grapes blend. Concord grape juice is highly nourishing.
Considered just an important ingredient of garlic bread, curries, sauces and salad dressings; garlic now has been given a higher rank among foods for its immense benefits to heart patients. It lowers cholesterol and triglycerides. It also prevents thrombosis, a disease in which plaques are formed in blood. High blood pressure can be lowered to normal with garlic extract.
Liquid vitamin supplements
There is so much hype about liquid vitamins taken as supplements. These are best for those who are unable to tolerate or ingest vitamin pills. As compared to normal supplements that are 10 -20 % absorbed in the blood, liquid vitamins are easily absorbed 60 -70% which is a good news to all those out there not happy by spending a hefty amount on pills and not getting desired results. These liquid supplements also increase energy without stimulants.
The only disadvantage is that about 50% of the liquid vitamin supplements are destroyed in the stomach owing to absence of protective layer around. An important thing is to do regular physical exercise while taking multivitamins to assist them work more efficiently.
Green tea
Latest research has revealed it’s a healthy and harmless way to reduce weight. To all obese persons, say goodbye to fattening drinks, shakes, coffee and black tea. Include green tea in regular diet that comes with zero side-effects.
Dark chocolate
A heavenly dessert now awarded to have been containing medical properties. A rich source of antioxidants, dark chocolate or cocoa powder is beneficial for health as opposed to past beliefs that it’s a junk food. The myth is gone now; so take moderate amount of dark chocolate or cocoa. Combine with berries, oranges, nuts, grains, milk or any sumptuous accompaniment that satisfies your taste buds. However, try to avoid milk chocolate that is relatively unhealthy.
The best practice is to have a diet plan from an expert certified dietitian. Don’t forget to update based on new findings. Stay away from old myths and rumors.…

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Gynaecomastia Surgery – The End of Man Breasts?

Gynaecomastia Surgery – The End of Man Breasts?

Though it seemed like a problem that would never go away in the past, male breast reduction is now quite possible and popular. Through new developments in cosmetic surgery and a strong attention paid to this problem, men everywhere can benefit from a very simple gynaecomastia surgery. This can help to get rid of their man boobs and help them to regain their confidence, both of which are quite important.

There is no distinct cause for male breast enlargement, but there are certainly factors that may contribute to the condition. The most likely common factor is that there is an imbalance of the sex hormones, testosterone and oestrogen. The condition may be hereditary in nature, and that is hard to prevent. There are also certain medications such as steroids or antidepressants that may cause the male breast to develop and form. Recreational drug use, particularly with marijuana, has been found to be a common cause as well.

It’s best if a candidate for this surgery is healthy and at the appropriate weight range. Being overweight may contribute to the problem and therefore may cause a vicious cycle. Though the surgery can be a great success, it’s important to have very realistic expectations about what will happen when all is said and done.

What happens during gynaecomastia surgery? Though there are older versions of the surgery, they can tend to be more primitive in nature. The newer method is known as Vaser liposuction procedure and it is quite effective. Let’s take a look at these methods and how they work.

First, the older methods: There are three different ways that the excess tissue can be removed. It can be taken out with a scalpel, through liposuction, or through some sort of combination of the two methods. Through the older methods a surgeon usually makes an incision under the arm or in the areola area. The excess fat will be cut away starting with the tissue and skin and then down the sides of the area. If liposuction is to be used, then the surgeon puts a thin tube into the breast. Through a small incision, the fat is then removed by suction. There is often anaesthesia used and a longer recovery time associated.

When you use the newer procedure of Vaser liposuction however, it is gentler on the body and overall much more effective. The excess fat is broken up by ultrasound energy, which is not damaging to the body at all. The fat is the only thing that is treated and therefore minimal anaesthesia is used so the patient can actually go home afterwards. This outpatient surgery takes just over an hour and there is a minimal recovery period as the patient usually bounces right back.

No matter which method you go with, be sure to talk to your doctor if you feel that you have gynaecomastia. You can get rid of your man boobs either way, but you may find that one is more effective and gentler than the other.…

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A Garlic a Day

Where an apple a day keeps the doctor away, Garlic will surely keep everyone at bay. The stinky herb which has acquired a mixed reputation due to its strong & pungent flavors and the various health benefits associated with it.

For many it’s a wonder food while for others Garlic does not exist! My grandmother has never touched a garlic pod in her life due to ethical reasons. But my father, a doctor by profession always made sure that garlic is an integral part of cooking at our home.

Yes the staunch aroma and pungent taste is good enough to deter many health enthusiastic from trying out this super food. But the medicinal benefits attached to the humble herb are a perfect reward to your health.

Health Benefits;

Allicin, the most important chemical present in Garlic has proved to be beneficial for curing many ailments.

Garlic is supposed to be anti-carcinogenic and has antiseptic properties.

The wonder food is an excellent remedy for blood pressure and many heart related ailments.

Good for common cold.

Garlic strengthens immune system.

Rich source of selenium and is helpful in reducing the fat cells in our body.

Other minerals present in garlic are, manganese, calcium, potassium, copper, sulphur, thiamin and vitamin C.

Prudent way to include Garlic in diet;

Allicin, the important chemical present in it is released only when the garlic is crushed and used for cooking.

To improve health benefits from garlic make sure to peel it and crush the pearls before adding it to the meals.

The best way to get the most from the garlic is to eat it the natural way! It is Yuk, but sure will do more good to your health than you could ever imagine.

You could try the garlic pearls in the form of capsules available in many medical stores, if you dislike the smell of it.

A good option is to roast the garlic pods in an oven and eat it.

Try frying the garlic pearls in a little ghee and sprinkle salt and white pepper to it.

Add garlic paste to all the Curries and veggie preparations.

Garlic in soups adds up the health benefits.

Indian bread or chapattis made with mint and crushed garlic is a delight.

Garlic bread is a delicacy which, I am sure many will like to devour.…

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Pain Management – Managing Pain and Addiction

Pain Management – Managing Pain and Addiction

We constantly hear stories about pain killer addiction. We hear about it so much that it has become a common fact that taking too many pain killers may get you addicted. But is that really a fact? Or is the term “addiction” just being used too loosely? To gain better understanding of the relationship between pain killers and addiction, several misconceptions should be clarified.

Firstly, everyone needs to know that a person can get addicted to pain killers. Secondly, taking an increasing dose of pain killers for a long time can result in addiction. And thirdly, addiction may arise as a necessary consequence of treatment.

Persons who have chronic disease often need to take pain medication to alleviate their suffering. Over time, a person may develop medication tolerance which means that the current dosage will not be as effective as it was before in reducing pain. When this happens, dosage will have to be increased to a degree that will make the medication effective again. With chronic pain, it is extremely difficult to determine whether the increasing need for larger doses of medication is triggered by increased pain or if it is just because of medication tolerance. It should be emphasized though that medication tolerance happens not only with pain killers but with other kinds of medication as well.

When the intake of medication is prescribed and monitored by a specialist, chances of patients getting addicted are slim. Doctors are always vigilant and will try to spot signs of addiction as early as possible. Increasing your dose without telling your doctor is one of the early signs of addiction. Another sign is when you start doing things you would not normally do just to get additional amounts of pain killer. When you start lying and scheming in order to obtain more pain killers, clearly, addiction has set in. But as long as your specialist keeps a close watch on you, your addiction will be remedied right away.

Addiction is one of the risks associated with pain killers. It is no different from the risk of getting side effects like liver damage and stomach bleeding from medication. A specialist is not only tasked to reduce or treat the pain alone. He is there to treat and manage every aspect associated with it. including effects of its treatment. A pain management specialist identifies possible unavoidable risks and it is his job to monitor and control these risks while the patient is being simultaneously treated for pain.

Unfortunately, others have no one looking out for them, especially those who are managing pain by themselves using over-the-counter. After medication tolerance sets in, they give themselves larger doses without even consulting a doctor. Constantly increasing the dosage as well as changing the dosage without a doctor’s advice are clear signs of addiction which must be managed as early as possible.…

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Allergy Prevention Tips Don't Let Any Allergies Take Over Your Lives

Your allergies occur every time you come in contact with an element known as an allergen and your immune system takes action against it, in an exceedingly oversensitive approach to that. An allergic reaction can present itself in several ways, usually in the form of a hypersensitive dermatitis, rhinitis, natural asthma and urticaria. A number of the more common allergy activating agents that might trigger these reactions are generally pollen, molds, etc. along with pet dog or cat dander. There is virtually no cure designed for stopping allergies altogether as most medications are aimed at lessening its intensity. There are several prevention activities that can be undertaken in order to lessen the allergy effects.

Indoors & Outdoors Prevention

There are many methods to keep your allergic reactions under check in your own home. Remember to take advantage of the HEPA filters with using your vacuums, home air cleaners and air conditioners. This unique and successful purifier has the capacity to strip off most common allergens that trigger allergies, as well as pet dander and pollen from all surfaces in your home. For everybody who is hypersensitive to dust mites, ensure that you protect your bedding with a clean bed mattress and your pillows with protective cases. During the time of the year when you are most hypersensitive, have a look at the localized pollen and mold estimates via the internet. While there is a high alert, try to schedule most of your daily tasks inside your homes and keep your time outside the house to a minimum. If you are extremely hypersensitive, try to always wear defensive, covered clothing to prevent allergens from coming into contact with you.

Protective Medicines

Although there are many, fast operating allergy relief drugs that include antihistamines together with decongestants available for purchase, they merely offer you short-term comfort and not long term relief. To completely steer clear of any allergy symptoms, it is better to have treatments which offer preventive assistance. Two of the most commonly given protection medications would be leukotriene blockers and corticosteroids. Leukotrienes are the chemical that make the bodily tissues swell inside the body. Getting day to day leukotriene blockers can aid in eliminating this inflammation and thus restricting this allergy symptom. Corticosteroids are really a man-made variant of your system’s natural hormonal agent cortisol and they are regarded as very good anti-inflammatory medicinal drugs. To get ‘allergen hypersensitivity’ relief, they are readily available as eye drops, nasal sprays and as oral inhalers.

Allergies are something that cannot be cured once they get developed. So it extremely important to take as much care as possible to not let any allergies develop. It is neither that bothersome nor too hectic to follow a few simple guidelines to prevent allergies. So take care of yourself and drive all your allergies away.…

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Nutrition for Surgery Recovery

Nutrition for Surgery Recovery

The pain was from the bread, not my head

A few months ago, I had dental surgery with little discomfort or bleeding. Prior to and after the surgery, I had been taking 3 grams of Vitamin C and 1.2 grams of Argenine to speed the healing. It seemed to have worked. I did not use any of the prescribed codeine recommended by the dentist.

Years ago I had read how researcher Sandy Shaw had sped the healing of a ski injury by taking massive amounts of vitamin C. That, and the amino acid argenine. It is a given that vitamin C is a “cellular cement” and boost the immune system. The lesser known nutrient, argenine is a growth hormone releaser, which speeds the body’s ability to rebuild itself after exercise and injury. Also, it too boosts the immune system.

I had previously used argenine for muscle building. Since, I was not sleeping much during that time, I did not recognize any muscle growth. However, I noticed that I healed very quickly from minor cuts and scrapes.

Now, I was feeling a bit apprehensive about my upcoming dental surgery, so I thought that I would try the large dosages of vitamin C and argenine. I spent a week building up the dose from about 250 mg to 3 grams of vitamin C and 500 mg. of argenine to 1.2 grams of the amino acid.

A couple of weeks later, I underwent some further surgery, with smaller dosages of Vitamin C and Argenine. I had little discomfort until a couple of days afterward. For four days, I was in enough discomfort and pain to take the codeine to help me sleep. My wife thought that the pain was “in my head,” from thinking about the surgery too much.

What the difference between the fast healing after surgery and discomfort after surgery, was that I had been eating wheat products two or three hours before the operated area of my gums started throbbing. One day it was free muffins and croissants at a seminar. A few hours later the pain started. Another day it was a processed chicken and cheese sandwich at a friend’s place. Then two hours later, I also felt pain in my jaw.

Call it coincidence or “all in my head,” if you will. But, when I increased my intake of Vitamin C and Argenine and kept clear of wheat products, the pain went away. It might be worth a try the next time that you undergo surgery.…

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Penile Enlargement Surgery: Is Surgical Penile Enhancement Really Worth the Risk?

Penile Enlargement Surgery: Is Surgical Penile Enhancement Really Worth the Risk?

A bigger penis…. Which guy doesn’t want to extend the length and girth of his penis?

Men have been obsessed with their penis size since the beginning of time, so it seems, and for all the years that the obsession has endured, there have been no shortages of methods available to increase one’s penis size. Surgery is one popular method… But, is going under the knife really worth the trouble?

In exchange for a few extra inches, consider what’s at stake:

Nerve Damage & Decreased Sensation

The genitals are an area of the body that have an overwhelming amount of nerves and this is because genital tissue is excitable. Such an anatomy is what helps to create a desirable and satisfying sexual experience. With surgery, you risk losing sensation.

Lowered Erection

Normally, erections curve upwards (or, at least have somewhat of a tendency to veer upwards). This is due to the ligaments that connect to the base of the pubic bone. This natural structure of the penis assists to produce a more desirable erection; one that can better-satisfy a women during sex.


Anything that impedes blood flow into the penis will result in an inability to achieve an erection. An invasive procedure like penile enlargement surgery can have this undesirable side effect.

Scarring & Gangrene

A risk of any surgery, this risk could be pronounced with penile surgery due to the sensitive nature of the area. Gangrene is the death and loss of tissue, in this case, your penis!

Risk of Stroke or Heart Attack

The thickening procedure requires the transfer of fat into the penis. This poses two problems. To obtain the fat, liposuction is required and this can lead to an embolism in the heart and/or the brain, leading to a heart attack and/or stroke, respectively. Moreover, the penis is not anatomically designed to contain fat inside it. As such, the presence of fat can impede blood flow, which in turn can interfere with the achievement of an erection. By nature, erections (specifically, ‘hardness’) and thickness are achieved through adequate blood flow into the penile tissue, not via the addition of fat tissue into the penis.


The thickening procedure can result in your penis becoming deformed (lumpy or lopsided).

In light of the above risks, one must question whether penile enhancement surgery is really worth the risk. Even if the surgery is a success, the act of adding fatty tissue into your penis runs counter to how your penis should naturally exist.

It is a wise choice to consider alternatives to penile enlargement surgery. Scientific studies have been done that lend credibility to natural penile enhancement methods.…